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Mortal Kombat 2011 DLC Fighters

The Undertaker

From: WWE


A formidable wrestler from the famed World Wrestling Entertainment, The Undertaker is highly reviered, respected, and feared by all his peers, hence his rightfully fitting name as "The Phenom." With his control of Darkness and with hoards of creatures of the night, The Undertaker also proves to be a mysterious and unpredictable entity, making anyone a target of his mind games. While performing in the ring, Shao Khan's forces stormed the arena and slew all the other combatants and performers who were associated with the wrestling industry and the Undertaker himself was severely outclassed by Shao Khan's brute strength. Suddenly, the Undertaker felt himself being teleported into a foreign realm, where his supernatural power became reality and all of his mind game abilities became real. With his newly enhanced powers, the Undertaker made it his goal to make sure that Shao Khan would Rest... In... Peace...

Normal Costume:

His current in-ring attire

Alternative Costume:

His Entrance attire (Trench Coat and Hat)


Forward Throw: Undertaker picks up the opponent and chokeslams him before spinning around and throwing them in front of him.
Backwards Throw: Undertaker picks up the opponent and chokeslams him before getting up and throwing them in the opposite direction.

Special Moves:

Lightning: Undertaker raises his hand up and waves it at the opponent, who is struck by a bolt of lightning. (Enhanced Version is called "Double Lightning", the opponent is struck by two consecutive lightning bolts, doing double damage.)
Smokescreen: Undertaker conceals himself in smoke and teleports behind his opponent (Enhanced Version is called "You forgot someone", after teleporting, Undertaker summons lightning to strike his opponent.)
Fireball:  Undertaker throws a fireball at his opponent (Enhanced Version is called "Kane's Brother", Undertaker shoots two fireballs that go off in different directions, one goes for the opponent while the second goes offscreen and hits the opponent from behind.)
Creature of the Night: The Undertaker quickly kneels down and raises his hand up and a druid grabs onto the opponent, setting the opponent up for a free hit. (Enhanced Version is called "Creatures of the Night", two druids grab onto the opponent, leaving them open longer for a free hit.)
The Urn: The Undertaker pulls out his urn and lifts it up into the air, doubling his physical strength for a few seconds (Enhanced version if called "Bigger, Better Urn", The Urn is bigger and the amount of time which Undertaker's strength increases is doubled.)

X-Ray Move:

Old School: Undertaker lunges forward and grabs his opponent by the arm. With it, the Undertaker twists it around and elbows it, breaking it. The Undertaker then jumps up and elbows his opponent in the back of the head, which causes the opponent's skull to shatter.


Tombstone Piledriver: The Undertaker raises his hand and both a Tombstone and a few druids to grab onto the opponent's legs. Undertaker then pulls up the Tombstone and smashes his opponent in the head with it, making it burst apart into pieces. The druids pull the dead body into a hole underneath the opponent, and Undertaker covers it with the bloody Tombstone.
Death waits for no one: The Undertaker raises his hand in the air and waves it towards his opponent. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes his/her head and after a few seconds it explodes.

Voice Actor:

Mark Calaway


Undertaker tries to do a cut-throat sign, but then his gong is heard. This scares Undertaker and begins to cry.

Battle Intro:

The entire screen goes dark and Undertaker's Gong is heard. After a few seconds, The screen turns back to normal and Undertaker is seen with his eyes white. Undertaker then poses for battle.

Win pose:

Undertaker does his cut-throat sign, he then turns his back to the camera and raises his fist in the air. A crack of lightning is heard.


With his newly enhanced powers, the Undertaker viciously killed Shao Khan, avenging his loss in the WWE and of his co-workers. Although victory had been ensured for Earthrealm as a result for Undertaker's victory, Raiden did not approve of the Undertaker's new dark powers and refused to allow him back into Earthrealm. Never backing down from a challenge, The Phenom and the Thunder God collided in a head-on battle, with the Undertaker defeating Raiden. Then, out from the shadows emerged Quan Chi, the REAL mastermind behind the Undertaker's actions. It was revealed that Quan Chi had manipulated the Undertaker into fighting on the Netherrealm's behalf by crafting a mystical Urn that presented the Undertaker with his powers. However, Quan Chi's choice of actions would prove to be ruinous as the Undertaker's new powers allowed the phenom enough time to kill Quan Chi and take both the Netherrealm, and the Urn's power for himself. Now the certainty of Earthtrealm's protection is unknown, but one thing has been made clear throughout the realms. Those who challenge the Undertaker will Rest... In... Peace...
Inspired by some of the text made by :iconjc013:, I decided to do one of my own on the WWE character, The Undertaker.

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AFBN Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2012
I wouldve loved to have seen him appear in this game the story for is very good too he'd be a perfect fit for the game.
xX-Jade-The-Cat-Xx Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Student Digital Artist
xX-Jade-The-Cat-Xx Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2011  Student Digital Artist
AWESOME!!!!! :dummy:
jc013 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011
Wow, you actually made someone like Undertaker (19-0 Wrestlemania motherfuckers!) work perfect for MK. You's gotta do more, one for Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin!
BigJohnnyCool Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011
I'd rather aim for the gimmicky wrestlers like Kane, Goldust, Hurricane, etc.

Thanks though! Had it not been for your templete this idea probably wouldn't be possible!
jc013 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011
Welcome... But maybe do Mick Foley and Stone Cold as requests for me? I'm sorry, but those were my two favs and still are.
godofwarlover Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011
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